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A Halloween-Themed Pack - Oakiyo x QICC

A pack of 12 CAS items all themed around Halloween and general autumn-themed attire.

The pack contains 7 items from myself and 5 from Oakiyo. We hope you enjoy the pack!

Basic information

  • Base game compatible

  • Available to Teen - Elder

  • The hair is hat-compatible

  • The hair comes in 24 EA swatches

  • All dresses come in 20 swatches in a custom palette

  • Vivienne Sweater comes in 5 additional striped swatches

  • Bonnie Short Dress comes in 5 additional patterned swatches

  • All items have average polygon counts (no high poly items)

  • All items have their own LODs


Make sure you grab Oakiyo's side too HERE!


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