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February 2022 Collection | Sims 4 Maxis Match CC

15 new Maxis match CC items to keep your sims warm in the cool breeze of early spring in the Sims 4.

3 sims modeling the February 2022 Collection

Basic information

  • All items are base game-compatible

  • Available to Teen - Elder

  • The hairs are hat-compatible

  • The hairs come in 24 EA swatches

  • The collection contains items with average polygon counts

  • All items have their own LODs

All items included in the February 2022 Collection

The collection includes 15 maxis match CC items in total for the Sims 4.

For feminine frames:

  • 3 hairstyles,

  • 2 full-body outfits,

  • 1 top,

  • 1 pair of bottoms

For masculine frames:

  • 2 hairstyles,

  • 2 full-body outfits

For both frames:

  • 2 hats,

  • 2 pairs of shoes



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