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Summer Love Kit

Let your Sims live out their cottagecore fantasies with 13 new items!

Basic information

  • All items are base game compatible

  • Available to Teen - Elder

  • The Kit contains items with average polygon counts

  • All items have their own LODs


The kit includes 13 items in total.

For feminine frames:

  • 2 dresses,

  • 2 tops,

  • 2 bottoms,

  • and 1 pair of shoes

For masculine frames:

  • 2 outfits,

  • 1 top,

  • and 1 bottom

For both frames:

  • 2 hats



Feb 04, 2023

hi! i love your CC! it was the first time i ever used some in my game and it works and looks amazing :D im having trouble with the summer love collection though. mirror link doesnt wwork for me :( could you please help?

Jun 04, 2023
Replying to

It doesn't work for me either, please fix it (><)

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